Large Format Printing

Large format printings are generally accepted to be any printer with a print width between 17" and 100". Printers over the 100" mark may be called Super-Large or Grand format. Large format printers are used to print banners, posters and general signage and in some cases may be more economical than short-run methods such as screen printing. Large format printers generally use a roll of print material rather than individual sheets and may incorporate hot-air dryers to prevent prints from sticking to themselves as they are produced.

Architects in most architectural firms make use of large format printers for their billboard-sized building and architectural plans. These plans and designs of buildings are generated by computer and passed on for large file printing. Most of the time, the plans printed are for buildings that will be constructed soon. Event coordinators and party planners are also using large file printers for their jobs. They can create banners used for highlighting parties and as decorations for the events they organize. The use of large format printers to produce these types of event banners is known to be produced faster than the typical commercial printing process.

Educators and students also use the services of large format printers. They can use these for print visual aids, educational materials, and even for trade show graphics. Usually, education conferences and other events make use of these large posters and banners.

Photographers and graphic artists also make use of wide format printers in printing their portfolio. Artists and photographers are the main individuals needed to create the design of the large format banners. They can create captivating and stimulating images to be printed in large formats. Their works of art come out as the star with these large banners to gain the attention of its viewers and interest of possible customers.

One of the industries that widely use wide printed materials is from the promotional and advertising industry. Back in the days, people had to paint huge banners for their promotional events. Today, they no longer have to pick up a paintbrush to create their banners and signage. They can easily create images with precise details and colors and put them anywhere. This is a great advancement for people using this for promotional purposes since it allows them to post their banners along highways, building walls, indoors, and outdoors.

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