Make A Lasting Impression With Trade Show Displays

Times are tough, and business is more competitive than ever. The current economic situation is spawning a new era of innovation in trade show displays, attempting to guarantee that each convention display will win the attention of potential clients. Eye grabbing is the key to making one booth outshine another. A vast amount of research has been done to determine exactly what components attract attention, drawing the crowds. Common sense also tells that unique displays get attention.

Most booths have the same floor space; it's up to you to maximize the impact of that space. Your company is tops in its field, your products are award winners, your service beats all the competitors, so its imperative that your booth stands out from the others. Trade show visitors will only learn about your great company if they visit your booth.

One attention getting technique is to break out of the rectangular layout that everyone else uses. Trade show booths having an element of surprise, curved lines or angles other than the traditional 90 degrees, can't help but attract the eye. An offset display, a gracefully curving arch, a bowed counter, all attract the eye.

The use of bold color is another effective technique. If everyone else is using black and white, try a splash of lively orange or bright pink. The use of unique materials also draws the eye. A wall of glass block, a shiny steel display, or a floating screen showing the latest products in an otherwise monotone booth, pull the clients' eyes directly to your display. Don't forget to highlight your company's own colors and logo. If they aren't attention grabbing enough, then a redesign might be in order.

Strikingly unique lighting for trade show booths is another technique to make one booth stand out from the others. World-class trade show booths use lighting that literally pops. Showcase your logo or your newest product with spots. From the time eyes turn to your booth, you've got mere seconds to be sure your message gets across, and lighting provides the opportunity to do this.

Flooring is another consideration for trade show booths. Hardwood flooring is increasingly popular. If everyone is using it, pick something different. Bold black and white tile, classy carpet, or a soft rubber flooring in a subtle color can set your booth apart from the others.

Going green is a leading trend in trade show displays. Highlight your company's commitment to sustainability by using a convention display made of recycled materials. Green is no longer in the realm of the offbeat; it has entered the high-tech world by storm. Exciting sustainable displays that you can be proud of, your customers appreciate, and your company's values correspond with, are now readily available.

No amount of attention to superior design replaces the importance of human interaction when marketing at a trade show. Ensure your staff is adequate and well trained. Don't leave a single visitor waiting more than a few seconds before interaction with your staff occurs. Get the information about your company straight into their hands in a compact, easy to read form that is as attention grabbing as your display.

Rental agencies provide standard or customized trade show displays highlighting your unique marketing theme. Renting a display may provide the best return on investment. You are able to choose engaging displays with the latest innovations to attract this year's clients. Investing in your own display takes additional planning and thought, assuring that the display will meet the needs of your company for years to come. A flexible arrangement allowing modifications is essential.

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