Printing Essentials For Trade Shows

Trade show is that time when business exhibit their goods and services to their possible clients in front of your competitors. Companies come up with gimmicks just to have the customers' favor them over the competition. However, those gimmicks can be a little costly. Here are some printed materials small companies can use instead of buying tons of expensive free stuff for the customers to attract clients.

Brochures - Brochures are printed materials that give broad information about the company. All the vital information about the company, like its name, logo, business address, contact person, and contact number, should be included on the brochure. A short company history can also be added to it.

Survey and suggestion forms - These are forms filled out by the customer with their vital information. In survey forms, the company asks their clients to give any comments, suggestions or violent reactions about their trade show products and services. Through these forms, the company will know which among the services they offer need improvement. It is also through survey forms that companies are able to send out monthly newsletters, since the customers' address is written on it.

Flyers - Flyers or handbills are much like brochure, except they are not as informative as brochures. Flyers are usually given to announce new services and products by the company.

Wall graphics - They are used mainly as a decoration for the company's booth. Trade show wall graphics can both be a design and an informative material by including little information about the company on it. Sizes for wall graphics can range from as small as 8 x8 inches or as big as 58 x 100 inches. Wall graphics are printed on photo tex material. Photo tex printing is advisable because the paper is reusable and guarantees the stickiness of its adhesive for a long time.

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