Printing Essentials For Trade Shows

Trade show is that time when business exhibit their goods and services to their possible clients in front of your competitors. Companies come up with gimmicks just to have the customers' favor them over the competition. However, those gimmicks can be a little costly. Here are some printed materials small companies can use instead of buying tons of expensive free stuff for the customers to attract clients.

Brochures - Brochures are printed materials that give broad information about the company. All the vital information about the company, like its name, logo, business address, contact person, and contact number, should be included on the brochure. A short company history can also be added to it.

Survey and suggestion forms - These are forms filled out by the customer with their vital information. In survey forms, the company asks their clients to give any comments, suggestions or violent reactions about their trade show products and services. Through these forms, the company will know which among the services they offer need improvement. It is also through survey forms that companies are able to send out monthly newsletters, since the customers' address is written on it.

Flyers - Flyers or handbills are much like brochure, except they are not as informative as brochures. Flyers are usually given to announce new services and products by the company.

Wall graphics - They are used mainly as a decoration for the company's booth. Trade show wall graphics can both be a design and an informative material by including little information about the company on it. Sizes for wall graphics can range from as small as 8 x8 inches or as big as 58 x 100 inches. Wall graphics are printed on photo tex material. Photo tex printing is advisable because the paper is reusable and guarantees the stickiness of its adhesive for a long time.

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5 Myths About Trade Show Table Covers

Full Color Prints are more expensive than screen printing:

Not any more! Years ago full color printing was very expensive but today the technology has improved where full color prints are more economical than ever and often more economical that screen printing 1 color prints! Companies are now able to advertise with full color high resolution product photos on their trade show table covers promoting their products. Full color front panel printed 6' tablecloths can be as low as $159 and 6' wraps as low as $120! Even full coverage all over prints which are table covers that are printed on the entire covers are surprisingly economical.

Printed tablecloths must be dry cleaned:

The chemicals used in dry cleaning are not good for printed and spandex covers. The best is the lowest cost option of just cold water wash with a low temp tumble dry!

I need to buy multiple tablecloths to fit various trade show tables:

Trade shows can bring you to different venues with a variety of table sizes. There are products out on the market today that offer tablecloths that they call "adjustable" but actually are just 6' drape style trade show table covers that end up being too short on the sides and back when used on an 8' table. That's not adjustable! Look for truly adjustable options. Look for a truly adjustable cover that has Velcro™ under the table top and allow the table cover to achieve a fitted look when used on a 6' table and open up to a drape style when used on an 8' table. Secondly, we offer new table wraps. Table wraps work just like skirting with a full bleed print. The printed tablecloth will wrap around the table using skirt clips so now your tablecloth will fit any size table!

Screen Print lasts longer the Dye Sub Print:

Dye sub full color print process is actually dyed into the fabric. Screen printing process stays on top of the fabric. Screen printing inks have improved and are more flexible so are now less likely to crack but dye sub prints never crack because it is actually dyed into the fabric so lasts longer.

I can't get my trade show table cover printed because I only have low res artwork

Graphic software has improved to the point where most logos and be recreated into vector format so you can get your logo recreated into vector format which is the best for printing quickly and at a low cost.

So now you know. Start early and have a great show!

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Printed Banners for Trade Shows

The advertising market is full of same patterns to display products and services of the company, but there are certain differences between their features and characteristics. Many people think that using anything like poster would grab the attention of the viewers, but this is not true. The billboards, trade show stands, posters, printed banners and various other display designs give different looks. These designs are used for displaying various details of the company. The vinyl banners are one of the flexible display solutions used by the advertisers. A lot of product information could be conveyed through the detailed map to show the exact location of the company.

You would be upset to know that this is not the right way to promote your products and services in the market. Since the advertisers display ample of images and materials every day, for which the people try their best to ignore them. They would have a lot of boring and irrelevant information about the products. The potential advertisers would use striking and innovative printed banners to catch attention of the viewers towards the booth or the company. The basic rule of thumb is to make the banner design simple and informative. You can use two or three elements to communicate your message to the clients, a creative image along with the offer would define the most important thing. Colorful and striking elements in the trade show stands would give you an effective and professional look for the products and services. Color contrasts would give a great advantage if correctly used.

The printed banners are very easy to design; colorful graphics would be created with inspired imagination and skills. You can hire a designer to create display designs like trade show stands, exhibition graphics, banners, etc. The designer would create a banner that would be easily readable from the long distance by the target audience. You can use large and bold fonts for the message to target your audience. The graphical representation of the message is really important; make sure that they are designed with sufficient image resolution. You should choose right area where you would like to put up the banner display.

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Common Types of Trade Show Printing

Have you ever been to a trade show and went to a booth, only to find that they were not able to arouse you in any way. The fact that they had a substandard banner and advertised poorly was a major turn of, and just destroyed the experience for you. Well now that's a very common sight it trade shows. Which is a pity of course, considering the fact that so much money is spent in the weeks leading up to the trade show, and not only that the amount of money spend on making your company's presence felt is staggering as well.

There are certain San Diego Companies that are regarded as few graphics design companies that give you the complete marketing and advertising experience. All you have to do is walk through their door and they will do the rest for you, as far as making your trade show a success is concerned. Many times you will find individuals who have the right ideas, but are just not able to communicate what they are saying properly. As a result of that they tend to loose the plot completely, and unfortunately it tells when the final plan comes together.

Certain San Diago Companies, have the stat of art printing equipment with the latest technology, allowing them to take care of your every trade show printing needs. They offer a large variety of papers that you can choose from, with a wide range of textures and feels. In addition to that different material can be used to make your trade show printing look unique, using laminations, adhesives and special mounting hardware.

There are usually three to four different types of trade show printing options form choose from. First of all there is the Photo quality gloss paper. This is ideal for a display that is not intended for too long and gives a great look, and has a wonderful laminated finish that works perfectly with pictures too. Secondly there is the back lit printing. This is also a popular option as the images are very sharp and crisp, providing for high quality results.

If you are looking for a large scale advertisement or banner and want the quality to be satisfactory as well, keeping the budget in mind, the super smooth vinyl would be your best bet. It is a very common option for a trade show, with a majority of companies going for it, providing bright and colorful images that do the trick. The finally print option for trade shows is the most eye catching as well. Floor graphics, as the name suggests, are intended to give your business the edge, even if it means your business will have to look down on the floor to do it.

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Gift Show Pop Up Trade Show Display

Trade Show Display
Gift shows are the meeting points for wholesale buyers and sellers and the buyers out there include gift shop owners, publishers and retail catalogue owners, retail chain owners and the buyers purchase the gift products to resell them. In fact, the aim of the artisans out there in a gift show is to market their wares to the wholesale buyers. Here is a set of features of a gift show.
  • Business-to-business deal or the sale of products to retailers only
  • Face-to-face interaction between crafters and buyers
  • Placement of buying orders for the gift products to fill the market after the show

Gift Exhibition:

Pop up trade show display is also known as trade exhibition. Vendors most often rent 10` pop up display space to turn that into their showroom for the duration of the exhibition. The exhibit should have a consistent feel and theme, and should be pertinent to the kind of work being displayed. This is why the necessity of careful planning of booth design is very vital. Start planning it on a piece of paper before making purchases or trying to set up a booth at an exhibit. Here are some points that need to be borne in mind and that can make a difference.
  • The companies that are promoting their products to trade show exhibitors must ensure that they have right kind of products for the gift show exhibitors.
  • They bring lightweight and easy-to-transport pop up displays along with them, besides pleasant-looking carpet.
  • They bring them to showcase and display their products and services to their visitors. Good type display systems are more versatile and often come with built-in shelving.
  • Companies need to bring appropriate display stands and equipments.
  • Adequate lighting system is of top necessity. Use of directional lamps to aim at items for sale is a good idea, besides the use of floor lamps and tabletop or clamping lamps.
  • Use of banners and signs is a good way to attract attention and make information available.

Display Booth Design and Ideas:

Vendors in such a show don't need to bring multiple items as these shows don't invite retailers. Only the best items need to be brought. If their products are chosen by the retailers, they can take wholesale orders from them. Also, they can contact with the retailers after the event period ends. Remember that booth space that vendors book for the event period becomes their private showroom. Make sure they've come up with a consistent and right theme and design to match the work being promoted. This is why they should consider:
  • Color of the pop up displays
  • Angles, such as rectangular shelves, rounded surfaces, etc.
  • Table and tabletop displays ought to complement the walls of the pop up display
  • Appropriate stands to display best works

As such a show can be a great place to promote products; vendors need to focus on how to provide the best services to their visitors. On spot sales-lead generation is quite common and this is why they should bring plenty of wholesale order forms.

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Large Format Prints-Trade Show Displays

Large Format Printing
We makes really big stuff: large format prints and posters, trade show displays, retractable banner stands, grand format banners, backlit graphics, vehicle wraps, cut outs and standees, point of purchase graphics teasers, signs and more. We can produce all your large format graphics and branding pieces in one stop. We love fine art too and offer Giclée Fine Art 100% acid free archival prints at very competitive prices.

Portable banner stands and retractable displays are some the freshest visual marketing tools available. We offer the Expand line of media screens and pop up displays; which are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Pair them up with some gorgeous graphics and show off your campaign in style.

Please take a look around our site. You’ll find information about some of our newest products such as the Exhibit Truss Systems with simple twist & lock installation… no tools required! More than 40 “off the shelf” truss kits are available. The truss system can also be specially designed to your layout specifications. Your exhibit will look customized without the high price tag that comes with a custom exhibit. They are also great to use as showroom, front lobby and retail displays. Graphic trade show panels are included! Accessories such as flooring, folding literature racks and LCD monitor mounts can be purchased with your system.

We promise color rich graphics, exceptionally fast turn-around at competitive prices.

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Trade Show Printing Tips

Trade shows printing means more than just show the newspapers provided by the organizer. Show the newspapers are a great way to reach the multitudes, but many exhibitors rely solely on the provisions of the convention organizers and forget to explore other options in printing fair.

Exhibitors have to do more if they want to continue to have an impact after the convention is over. For conventions based trends, especially CES in Las Vegas and fashion, it is essential that exhibitors think of better ways to promote their products.

Brochures and Catalogs

Glossy brochures full color catalogs are a. Tool for companies hoping to sell products after convention attendees to go home and back to work catalogs are great reminders and are also a good way to show the materials that exhibitors could not carry the convention.

Companies planning to exhibit at several trade shows throughout the year should consider the advantages of variable digital printing to produce catalogs that are unique to each fair. These catalogs can contain elements industry specific, and discount codes that apply only to that convention.

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Screen Printing Shows India

Screen Printing shows India ranks among the top screen and digital printing textile sector trade events in India. The show is hosted in Mumbai and is attended by leading industry experts and business professionals of this sector. More than 100 exhibitors will participate in the event, displaying a comprehensive range of textile printers, adhesives, heat transfer machines, printed circuit boards, tools, equipment stretching plastic screen and various related products.

Technical sessions highly informative seminars are organized during the event, helping participants get updated on the latest product news and industry events. Separate country theme pavilions are also set here. The event is held over three days and interactive quizzes, business awards are hosted on the show too. More than 5000 visitors are present here, with notable entrepreneurs, consultants, technicians and policy makers attending the show in each of its editions. The show takes place on a bi-annual and offers great expansion of business and networking opportunities as well.

Visitor Profile

Screen Printing Indiabrings shows over 5000 visitors, with noted industry professionals from the screen, digital and textile printing industry attend the show on a regular basis. Eminent technical experts, service providers, business consulting, business and focused end customers are some of the key fairgoers. Product suppliers, dealers, distributors and business development executives are also present here, along with the machine and computer controllers, curing and drying of professionals, experts in the display of equipment, clothing and textile printing and executives senior corporate staff. Digital printing experts, service providers, professionals and eminent politicians packaging industry also participate in the event.

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